About Us

A bit about why we do what we do

Just a little about Maxine

Maxine is a mother to Chloe and grandmother to her 2 children Lakyn and Indee. She has been married to Andrew for 32 years.

Most of her working life Maxine has been in sales, so she is the go to person when it comes to customer service. She loves to help people and make sure everyone is happy.

Maxine currently works at one of our local hospitals helping out in the maternity department.

A little about Andrew

Andrew is a self taught IT and anything technology guru, he loves anything in the technology, robot, autonomous area and is wiz when it comes to mobile phones, networking etc.

Andrew is currently employed in the mining industry, as a Pit Controller, his position is controlling the autonomous dump trucks on site from the control room here in Perth. This is partly why he set this site up, he has a lot of time off on R&R after working long shifts at work.

Our Good News

This was my original idea for this website. I got so sick and tired of all the bad news that is all over the web so I wanted to focus on all the good news stories that never get a mention. Every morning I wake up and look for the good news stories and publish them.

Our Family

Andrew and Maxine have been married for over 32 years now. We have a daughter named Chloe, she is married to Ryan and they have 2 children, a boy named Lakyn and a girl Indee. Ryan and Lakyn are Fortnite fans, they play it when ever they can. Indee loves going to her dancing lessons.

Andrew's Flying

I’m an aviation enthusiast as well, I have my fixed wing pilots licence and have been flying Cessna 172’s for a long time now. It is getting too expensive to hire a plane these days so I got myself a drone. I love flying it around and getting photo’s, you can check them out at Perth Drone Photos website

My Normal Job

I have been in the mining industry for many years now. I started as a Dump Truck operator doing a 2:1 FIFO roster, I did that for a number of years then moved over to an 8:6 FIFO roster. After a number of years as an operator I moving into the control room. This is where I still work now, I’m on a 3 days 3 nights 6 days off roster so I have plenty of time to do this work.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work and customer satisfaction.

We believe that hard work will always pay off in the end. We are available to be contacted 24/7 via the contact us page, we will get back to instantly in most cases. There will be times that we will take us a couple of hours to reply.

Our customers are the most important part of our business, we will do everything to keep you happy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is something that we can do better.

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