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I have set this site up to publish all the good stories from all different categories, from technology, healthy food, wellness products to cars, etc.

Anything that is interesting and good news, there won’t be any bad news published on this site, there is already enough bad news in the world.

The stories will be some of my own but I will also publish other people’s articles. I will always add the original author to the top of the story.

Nothing is too difficult.

We can also offer web design, photo repairs and editing. plus more.

As well as all the above and our good news stories, we also offer Mobile phone software repairs, network setups. etc.

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Web Design

If you need a website designed we are here to help. I sepcialise in WordPress and Shopify websites. to find out more please don't hesitate to contact us.​

Photo Editing And repairs

If you have an old style photo that has been damaged or faded we can repair it, we will create a digital copy that will late for ever.​

Mobile Phone

We can repair your mobile phone software, we don't fix the hardware (Screens, etc.) Any issues with the software we will do our best to get it up and running again, we can repair either Android or Apple operating systems.​

Andrew & Maxine Hansen

Creative Director

our work inspires smiles

A little bit about us.

We are husband and wife, parents to 1 daughter Chloe who has 2 children. Andrew is in the mining industry and has been for years now, he enjoys building websites, editing and repairing photos.

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